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C-suite Services for body AND brand, provided the 'rare' Black Unicorn herself. 

Work with Imani K Brown to bring your DOPE AF vision to life.


YES! You're in the right place! 

On this page, we will first want to make sure you understand our process and review some FAQ's before booking your virtual consultation.

It's More Than a Tattoo ...

Issa Rite of Passage

Hey There!


A tattoo journey isn't just about the tattoo, but the TRANSFORMATION that happens through the process -

from finding your artist, to vulnerability and not to mention your tattoo idea.


We'll need that to design your body art, yea?!


And for that ... I'm SO happy that you've made your way to finally find me.

Don't be surprised. I just KNEW you would show up one day!


We've literally been waiting on you ~


Chances are, you're here for 1 of 7 reasons...​

1) YOU'RE READY TO INVEST IN YOUR FIRST TATTOO. You've been researching artists. I made the cut but you have a few burning questions for me before taking the leap, which is TOTALLY fair! I love a well-informed collector!

2) YOU NEED HELP TRANSLATING YOUR IDEA INTO A TATTOO. You need to talk it out 'cuz you have a hodgepodge of ideas and unsure wtf to do with them. You're probably wondering if it's even possible and how things will work together, visually.


3) YOU'RE IN NEED OF TATTOO THERAPY. You had a tumultuous journey and it's time to celebrate your triumph. Maybe you've overcome grief or depression, finally got that mental diagnosis you been waiting for, survived cancer. Whatever it is you know you a BAD mutha shut'cho mouf to overcome and you want to remind yourself of just how DOPE AF you really are, from the inside out.

4) YOU'RE READY TO INK YAH WHOLE BODY. You have an idea of how you'd like to show up in the world. Maybe you're reimagining yourself as a mermaid or telling a story with traditional 

5) YOU REQUIRE A BLACK TATTOO ARTIST. You were told 'that don't look good on dark skin' - from fine-lines to Kawai, anime, and geek-related tattoos to color on dark skin - some dumb f*ck somewhere told it can't happen, gave you no options of how to make it so and you're fed tf up! You're ready to throw up the middle finger and defy the odds.


5) YOU'RE A C-SUITE PROFESSIONAL BY DAY. You're all about dualities disguised as a suite by day but underneath is your TRUTH as a risk taker, creative and all around bad ass. Wearing a tattoo and uncovering it after a long day in the office is a way to reconnect with your innate self and inner creative prowess.

7) YOU THINK I'M DOPE AF. Which is understandable. And you just wanna know what this girl & her brand is all about.

SO! No matter which one of these brought you on the search for me, you're here! 

And my goal is to make sure that your skin gets the 5 Star treatment it deserves.

Wondering WHERE to Start?

Here's Our 1-2-3 Process

Phase 1:


The first step in the tattoo process is discovery.


If you want a timeless tattoo that you will continue to enjoy and love over time, put more thought into concept than you do price. It's a tattoo and will be on you forever.


Explore my portfolio as well as policies, processes and procedures all found here in the FAQ 

Phase 2:


Next schedule your virtual consultation.


Here is where we deep dive into your idea - placement, style, vibe and inspiration to determine our time and cost commitment. I will be able to recommend creative direction for our ultimate collaboration.


Once completed, I'll be happy to share my tattoo availability.

Phase 3:


Lastly, book your tattoo appointment.


Once we have completed a successful consultation that covers the 3 C's - creativity, communication & consideration, you will be sent a follow-up email. Included will be our project overview and link to book your appointment with deposit. The required deposit is 35% of the total is cost. 

If you are honest with yourself when choosing to take a tattoo journey, no matter body or brand, the art will represent you better than ANYTHING that will ever come out of your mouth.



Somewhere in the cyber-verse you've heard me talk my sh!t or seen my work.

You've probably been lurking on my IG for ages and like the vibe. You could have been referred or maybe you got here through Little INKPLAY Shop. 


No matter the reason, I know if you're still reading, I know you enjoy an artist with a thorough process and can guide you through your tattoo journey with clarity and good vibes.


If that's you, fam ... I guarantee you'll love it here!


Tattoo is an intimate process that requires research and vulnerability on your part.

And as an artist I LOVE a well-informed collector, so I let my customers speak more, instead of me!




Cuz I always say, Don't trust me, check dem receipts ~

Imani provided a fantastic experience throughout the tattoo process, from initial consultation to aftercare! I adore my new tattoo. I would definitely recommend getting work done by her!


C. Woodland

Imani is absolutely THE BEST!! Very clear and informative of the whole process, willing to work with you to create your vision, and just an ALL AROUND GREAT HUMAN!!!

T. Josephine

P. Taylor

The importance of finding an artist who you trust and vibe with is the most important part, IMO, in getting a quality tattoo. I have been a long time fan and friend of Imani, so I am totally and unapologetically biased. Her calm, warm demeanor puts you at ease, and her artistry is off the chain ... If you want quick and cheap and shoddy, leave her alone. You can not talk your way into a cheap tattoo from a quality artist. IJS. As for me, its an honor and a privilege to be inked by someone you respect and that is PRICELESS.

S. Hunter

The best experience EVER!!!! Imani is the most awesome human being. Just being around her energy made the day better. Then to top it off, she gave me the most beautiful piece of artwork. It was a coverup of 2 tattoos that made me feel ugly and made me happy to look in the mirror again. But that's not it.... She incorporated flowers that my granddaughter drew. Can't get any better than that. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU IMANI.... I'll be back real soon!!!!

And what I believe within, 

I engrave within my skin



Big Ol’ Words

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Hey fam!  I am Imani K Brown

Avante-garde Tattoo & Brand Stylist

Hi there! I’m Imani K. Brown (イマーニ),  international tattoo artist/ illustrator, author and founder of Little INKPLAY Shop, Empowering Tattoo Fashion House & Kawaii Culture Hub native to Washington, DC. I come to tattoo as a self-harmer and have taken time to become a well-rounded tattoo artist, proficient in a number of styles. These days I work between DC and Japan, as a bespoke tattoo stylist, offering healing tattoo experiences to unique people and encouraging radical self-love through the art of tattoo.


My 18+ year tattoo journey as a rare Black female tattoo artist presented the happenstance of me being the 2nd prominent Black female tattoo artist in US history. And at this intersection in my career, my goal is to show the world the power of tattoo artistry as a visual art and form of healing, through a kawaii lens. Though I specialise in Japanese-inspired and fine-line work for dark skin, most styles for every type of skin are warmly welcomed.


With a practice rooted in cultural experience and ancestral veneration, I have developed my own 'More Than A Tattoo' philosophical approach to guarantee care for each individual I touch, LITERALLY!


As seen on:

Color Outside the Lines / The Griot / The Black Unicorn Project / District Fray Magazine / Hyattsville CDC / Black Enterprise / Quirktastic / Voyage ATL / Black Enterprise / Black Girls Love Tattoo / The COMM / RUMOUR App

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