The Event for Black Unicorns

13 Intimate Conversations with Black Alternative

Lifestylers, Fashionistas and Storytellers

Let’s get together to discuss getting out of our own way and taking up space! Introducing , The AFRO KAWAII Experience - a free virtual summit made for Black people creating their own lanes through alternative subcultures.


Our first event features some of the DOPEST and most forward-thinking entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives sharing their secrets to dreaming BIG and creating the life you want to live.


We hope you’ll join us to explore where this movement is heading —

or better yet, where we’d like to take it together!

Many jewels will be dropped in EVERY convo ...

but here are some gems you'll want to come for, hands down!

  • Learn how to

    embrace your

    quirks and stay true to yourself

  • Activate

    inner strength &

    audacity through


  • Get the how to's for happiness and building self-confidence



Magical Operatic Hip Hop Vocalist

The Afroshoujo

If you want success adjust your lenses! Progress comes with smaller steps; it’s all perspective!

Bee Law

Founder and CEO


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

- Albert Einstein


Editor in Chief

The Comm


Doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, the world’s still spinning. 

Cursed Kaiser

 Artist with a Love of Fashion

Alt Fashion Chameleon & Photographer

Find power in expressing yourself!

Hunni B

Freelance Illustrator

It's Hunni B

Breathe in the good shit,


exhale the bullshit.

Jacque Aye

Therapist-In-Training & CEO

Adorned By Chi

Punch fear in the face, lace up your sneakers and chase after your dreams!


 Illustrator and Textile Designer

Jonquel ART 

Done ...

is better than perfect!


Jewelry Designer & Crafter


Surround yourself with what makes you happy. Because You deserve to be happy!


Alternative Crochet Hairstylist


“Shut up and drive” – Rhianna (seriously, shut up and get to work sucka!)

Sharifa -bka- Pasteldotz

Designer, Creative Director & CEO

Sweet Bitz

Que Sera Sera!

Whatever will be, will be

Tee Tee

Glam Makeup Artist & Crafter

We Love

Tee Tee

Its your life

and you have to live it.


Artist & CEO



If not you,

... then who?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common event questions

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What if I can’t make, or have to miss part of the event?

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