I'm Imani K Brown

Black Female Tattoo Artist

Embracing Hope, Happiness & Happenstance ...

Since 15 - after losing my best friend, creative inspiration, and brother (yes my blood brother & the oldest of my pack of wolves), I have lived in a cycle of grief and survival.

The number one question people often ask is

HOW did you become so confident, unapologetic and authentic and consistent?

It's also this outcome that people celebrate of me today ...

It was when Scotty passed that the veil was lifted, quickly revealing to my young self the hypocrisy of adulthood.

I watched my family treat my brother like an object, something to pass around, a distant memory - with little to no regard to him as a creative spirit, a family member or a human. EVERYONE wanted something else for his life, even in death. They became selfish, argumentative, and for a young teen processing it all - OVERWHELMING.

It was through this experience that I decided I didn't want to live or die like that. And if life meant that to be my outcome as an adult ... I'd rather join my brother in death, wherever he may be, sooner than later.

BUT what I would not realize until taking my authorship journey, in reflection of my entrepreneurship journey, is that he never left me.

In fact, he lives through me, through my art, creativity AND my business. He left me with his visionary gifts, ingenuity and resilient nature. And every time someone celebrates my creative, go-getting, unapologetic spirit, they are celebrating him TOO!

And I share my story because ...

I want artists to understand


and what it takes to pull ourselves up by our femininity and not by bootstraps.


In grief, I rediscovered the strength in softness and vulnerability. 

It comes with self-acceptance, self-love, self-care, balance + grace & kindness — to ourselves AND others~


OH! And a

flavorful unapologetic boldness.





























































So WHO IS ipukekawaii ... NOW?!


Sis is a tattoo artist/ illustrator, author and Japanese street fashion enthusiast better known as ipukekawaii around the interwebs. Yup! That's me ~


While reaching for my own light, I've became known as DC’s beloved Harajuku Barbie and a powerfully pink source of healing.


My self-help, personal development and grounding has been in tattoo for over 18 years now - I tell unique stories on skin, impart what we call tattoo therapy and love nothing more than seeing my customers happy with their transformation at the end of their tattoo journey.


I believe that change happens when we embrace our innate strength!

At first I used my strength as a shield to protect me from what I saw WRONG with the world. However, these days I embrace all that I've hidden from both the world and myself, to bring for the CHANGE I want to see in it.

And a part of it is leading by example and making good on my promise to my dad, my family and my SELF.


YES! I'm sis ~

And I'm Awake. I'm ALIVE. I FEEL GREAT!

Imani has let us see who she is as a multi-hyphenate artist and empath. Her Shoppe girl and kawaii ethos is embedded in each chapter and asks the reader to adopt the spirit and not just experience these concepts from the periphery.

Kokayi Issa

Director of Less Talk More Walk LLC

Lead with Your Heart & Let Logic Follow

It's the Shoppe Gal Way

Give Yourself Permission to

Execute Your DREAMS

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