Tap Into the Magic of

Constancy to Creative Purpose 

Are you looking for permission to reach your wildest creative dreams and life just won't give you the green light?

Is it weighing on you that you KNOW you were built for something more, but haven't quite found it yet?

If you’re like most people, you want to lead a creative life filled to the brim with individuality, intention and impact.

But stuff happens. Work stuff, bills, family commitments, and that constant sense of being busy crowds our days-

making it easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed; shelving our dreams because we can't see past our current nightmares.

But what if ​a little constancy to find the feel goods, even in dark times, helped to bring life to your creative purpose?

What is there was a way to reach for the light, lead with our hearts and let logic follow in time ...


What if you learned to dream ... with your eyes OPEN?!


Avant-Garde Tattoo Stylist & Personal Brand Strategist, Imani K Brown has lived the very same story but decided to change her stars. And in this book, Shoppe Gal, The Memoir: Enbracing Hope, Happiness and Happenstance, she will show you exactly how to do the same thing.

In this roadmap to finding your creative purpose, Imani will share simple but proven principles to help you dream lucidly, plan vigorously, and execute unapologetically.

Within 24 hours of reading this book, you can be moving down a clear path toward your creative purpose, wrapped in self-expression and wellness. It’s possible, and Shoppe Gal shows you how.

You'll LOVE This If You're Ready To:

  • Crush self-doubt

  • Trust and follow your intuition

  • Find your true confidence

    • Impactfully take up space

    • Turn rejection, hate and disbelief into motivation

    • Embrace your insecurities as quirky superpowers

    • Face your inner imposter, 10 toes down

    • Flex your follow-thru on your dreams

    • Show up to be the role model you wanted to see in your childhood


    Imani K Brown released her memoir in 2020 as a road map of constancy to creative purpose for using your talents to blaze your own trails.

    Imani shares her path from personal and professional struggles to the self-exploration exercises she has developed to help with positive mindset, self-care and the simple ability to make things happen now. 


    And for those like Imani who need a little color to keep your attention, the pages are carefully crafted to spark serotonin and all the dopamine — inspiring you to embrace the whimsicalness of it all.


    With Shoppe Gal, uncover HOW to tap into your most confident self to do ALL the things your heart (n)ever imagined ~ 


    This self-discovery journey is guaranteed to leave you ready to embrace your most unusual & exceptional magical self for 

    • breaking the norms
    • embracing your unicorn power
    • chasing your dreams for long-term wellness

    What They Sayin For Real, For Real?!

    Imani has let us see who she is as a multi-hyphenate artist and empath. Her Shoppe girl and kawaii ethos is embedded in each chapter and asks the reader to adopt the spirit and not just experience these concepts from the periphery.

    Kokayi Issa

    Director of Less Talk More Walk LLC

    Lead with Your Heart & Let Logic Follow

    It's the Shoppe Gal Way

    Imani's voice and experiences are a salve for black girls and women who want to see someone like them, full of knowledge and manifesting her dreams and goals.

    I feel validated as a black woman who has often been in male-dominated spaces who has had to make her own path toward success. Imani describes so many experiences that many women, especially black women and women of color, go through internally or externally. There were many passages I wanted to highlight, so many phrases where I audibly said, "Yasss!" It was powerful at points, funny in others. But it felt like it was coming from someone like me.

    Imani's memoir was a fun read for me. I didnt want to stop! Not only did I learn so much about my friend, but I felt like I could connect to her even more through reading about her life and her journey as an artist. She's always been an inspiration for me but now that has grown tenfold after reading. Reading this made me want to awake the shoppe gal in me and take my world by storm.

    This memoir is an absolute joy to read. I teared up, I cackled (a LOT), and I took moments to pause and reflect. What really sets this memoir apart ... is how empathetic and encouraging it feels. Imani does a great job of sharing her success along with some difficult topics, handling them with care. I feel like everyone can benefit from reading this book, as I feel it is important to take in experiences that feel familiar but come from a different perspective.

    Foreword by Miya Bailey

    "I watched her push forward and lay the way for many black women in the tattoo industry today. Overcoming dark periods in life, shining through with a light that has inspired many including myself."