Imani has let us see who she is as a multi-hyphenate artist and empath. Her Shoppe girl and kawaii ethos is embedded in each chapter and asks the reader to adopt the spirit and not just experience these concepts from the periphery.

Kokayi Issa

Director of Less Talk More Walk LLC

Imani K Brown, Author

Imani K Brown is a tattoo artist/ illustrator turned author better known as ipukekawaii around the inter webs. DC born and bred, Imani LOVES moody fashion, cheering on Black femme creatives, pink, being helpful and always talking tattoo! She's the Gal Pal on your IG & Twitter feeds with big pink healing energy + chatting on Clubhouse, holding creatives accountable to get shit done & stay in their bag!


Imani wants EVERY Black femme creative to know that femininity is like the finest lace. Pretty and utilitarian but strong AF! And we should embrace dat sh!t ... unapologetically

Angela Tvarozek, Editor

Angie Tvarozek is an editor by day and electronica producer by night otherwise known as MerlinBerlin. Born in DC and raised in PG County, Angie LOVES food, gassing up her friends, the color black, being Black, hockey, and her two kitties: Kaiju and Gypsy Danger ("G," for short). Feel free to stop and say "heyyyy" if you see her twerking on a handstand during a trance set at Echostage.


Angie's favorite "Memoirs of a Shoppe Gal" chapters:

"My First Tattoo," "Ambition Looks Good on Me,"

and "Ittari Kitari Escapism"