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Become Apprenticeship Ready

Build A Booming Personal Tattoo Brand

+ Explode Your Tattoo Art Business with Though Leadership


Our mission is to cultivate high-performing tattoo & art entrepreneurs through the power of premium coaching and done-for-you brand services for start-up, growth and sustainability success.



Build an Art Business To Support Your Tattoo Dreams

for a Long Time ... Not Just A Good Time!

Align your CREATIVE PURPOSE to help you secure your dream tattoo apprenticeship, position yourself as an authority in your niche or leverage your lifestyle brand to expand beyond just tattoo with ease.

Our tattoo art curriculum supports your transformation into a thriving professional tattoo artist career, 

with a fresh spin on the traditional tattoo apprenticeship.


We do this by taking you on a journey of:

Identifying Your Unique Tattoo Goals

Defining Your Art Style & Portfolio That Sets You Apart

Financial Goal Mapping

Building Your Personal Art Brand + Voice

Planning a 90-Day Launch that Converts to Books CLOSED

Ongoing Confidence Mindset Work to Remove Mental Roadblocks & Provide Support

+ art labs for composition, linework & flash challenges

The Y.U.M.E. CREATE Method


to your dreams



artistry goals

build your MARKETING

sales funnel




A Tattoo Business Curriculum to Support You

At ANY Level


Tattoo Artist

Build, brand and launch a WOW tattoo art portfolio that is sure to set you apart in the industry AND sustain you through apprenticeship.


Tattoo Artist

Build a brand and the supporting digital systems that help you make more sales + eliminate the burning the candles at both ends hustle lifestyle.


Tattoo Artist

Step into your authority,  and become an industry thought leader to explode your income ceiling with an avante-garde tattoo brand & story.

Hey there fam! I am Imani K Brown. Native to Washington, DC, I am an old school, pink-lovin’, high-functioning, mania-managing, fashion-forward Black female tattoo artist with a hellaciously honed left-brain-right-brain skill set.


I have been blessed enough to be mentored by the best - Chris Mensah, founder/ owner of Pinz-n-Needlez Tattoo. For years, I served as the shop girl and brand manager for Pinz-n-Needlez Tattoo, translating our in real life experience into a digital landscape + a unique online user experience.


Later, I positioned myself as an international artist and Pinz as an international tattoo brand, 

all the while continually growing my personal brand for repeated success.

As seen on: 

Color Outside the Lines / The Griot / The Black Unicorn Project / District Fray Magazine / Hyattsville CDC / Black Enterprise / Quirktastic / Voyage ATL / Black Enterprise / Black Girls Love Tattoo / The COMM / RUMOUR App / Imaginative Visions

As I continued to build on my art business over the years, I refined my systems, mastered my mindset, and created a modern strategy that’s easy to rinse-and-repeat, and I learned what it takes to not only have an art business, but thrive with multiple streams of income without burning the candle at both ends!

I now help beginner + pro tattoo artists, illustrators and multifaceted creatives build a CONFIDENT, sustainable, money-making lifestyle business BRAND.

Ready to break into tattoo and replace that

ol' tired AF, boring, broke n' dusty, anxiety-inducing hustle & grind lifestyle?

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