“Tattoo has been demonized, colonized and marginalized; then repackaged and resold to Black people as if it’s not been one of our oldest forms of communication, identification, and healing since the beginning of time.”


Imani K Brown, Project Lead, Black Tattoo Anthology


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What To Expect

The Black Tattoo Anthology addresses the historical erasure of Black artists and Black tattoo culture.


The project will create an anthology that chronicles the Black tattoo experience from professional artists with at least five years in their craft and outlines the historical milestones, movements, and contributions of Black artists and artistry to the tattoo industry.


This digital collection will be created, curated, maintained, and Web Monetized by Black practitioners and the tattoo community. 


The stories will be shared both digitally and in physical form. 

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    Learn about Black tattoo history and artists worldwide

  • Tattoo & Art Education

    Get support to break into or expand your art style in the industry 

  • Community Content

    Read the personal stories, accounts and advice of artists in the community

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    We're building to be the Britannica Encyclopedia of Black Tattoo Artists


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This platform is FOR US, BY US. And we would like to extend an ongoing partnership opportunity for this project to established Black tattoo artists with at least 5 years industry experience.

Hey fam! 

I am Imani K Brown.

I’m Imani K. Brown (イマーニ),  an international tattoo artist, author and business coach to creatives native to Washington, DC. I come to tattoo as a self-harmer and have taken time to become a well-rounded tattoo artist, proficient in a number of styles. These days I work between DC and Japan, acting as a tattoo stylist, offering healing tattoo experiences to unique people and encouraging radical self-love through the art of tattoo.


My 18+ year tattoo journey as a rare Black female tattoo artist presented the happenstance of me being the 2nd prominent Black female tattoo artist in US history. And at this intersection in my career, my goal is to show the world the power of tattoo artistry as a visual art and form of healing, through a kawaii lens. Though I specialise in Japanese-inspired and fine-line work for dark skin, most styles for every type of skin are warmly welcomed.


With lessons of cultural experiences added to my tattooing, I have developed my own personal philosophical approach to guarantee care for each individual I touch, LITERALLY!


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