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Providing C-suite tattoo services - from body to brand

Tattoo Therapy

Bespoke Afro & Kawaii Tattoo Styling

Visual Branding

Personal Styling

Brand Influencing

Creative Direction

Lifestyle Coaching +

Tattoo & Art Entrepreneurship Mentor

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Imani K Brown is a DC native, pink personality, alternative fashion lovin'& kawaii livin' rare Black female tattoo artist / illustrator, author, business owner, designer and the tattoo mentor GAL PAL you never knew you needed ... til now! 

Welcome to my lil' magical misfit space on the interwebs. 

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Give Yourself Permission to

Execute Your DREAMS

If you’ve been asking for permission to live your dreams, be unapologetically dope, been debating creative branding , or even inking your essence on your skin as a multi-faceted creative?


Well here is your permission slip.

Learn how to ENDURE the overwhelm of life and creative entrepreneurship and rediscover the joy in creativity and show tf up to execute dreams ... on YOUR TERMS!


I Didn't Choose Pink. Pink Chose Me.

I'm always asked if pink is my favorite color. The truth is ...



Pink is a complicated color, like me.


So, I get pink and its unspoken nuances. You could say that pink is considered one of the most controversial colors and one of the most divisive, too.


But wherever you fall with this color, every shade of pink arouses very strong emotions, good or bad.


~ Excerpt from I Didn't Choose Pink. Pink Chose Me

Shoppe Gal, The Memoir

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